Labours of Love


Labours of Love is a documentary series about social entrepreneurs.

Through six short documentaries we get to know amongst others Epleslang (Apple Juice), Gulljazz (swinging festivals in nursing homes), Teater Vildenvei (a theatre in mental healthcare) Sykehusklovnene (Hospitalclowns) and TekstLab (promoting young voices).

We meet Hildur (95) and Berit (96) who travel with fellow residents from Ammerud seniorsentre, to a jazzfestival in Kongsberg. The happening is enabled by Gulljazz. Each autumn Vebjørn and all the others in Epleslang pick apples which are left in the gardens of Oslo. They make apple juice and sell it in shops and restaurants in Oslo. Pelle, soon 15 years old, finds a friend in rap music, and through TekstLab he is going to perform his own lyrics for the first time on stage. Yvonne hasn't been employed in over 20 years. Now she's started working for Medarbeiderne and drives around collecting trash for recycling. 

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Susann Østigaard, Beathe Hofseth and Siri Natvik

Caroline Werring, The Filmagency

Beathe Hofseth, Susann Østigaard and Siri Natvik

Hilde Bjørnstad

Andreas Ihlebæk og Anders Tjore

6x10 min

Aftenposten-TV, Jonas Brenna

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